Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists provide technical support to customers and other users. They may also be called technical support specialists or help-desk technicians. Computer support specialists manage the everyday technical problems faced by computer users. They resolve common networking problems and may use troubleshooting programs to diagnose problems. Most computer support specialists are hired to work within a company and provide technical support for other employees and divisions. However, it is increasingly common for companies to provide technical support as an outsourced service.

Employers generally look for individuals with a bachelor's degree to fill computer support specialist positions. Degrees in computer science or information systems may be preferred. However because demand for qualified applicants is so high, those with practical experience and certification from a training program increasingly fill these positions. Employers seek individuals with good analytical and communication skills. Those with good people skills and customer service experience have an advantage in this field.

Computer support specialists can expect to earn an annual salary of $35,000 to $45,000. Opportunities for advancement are very good and may involve design and implementation of new systems. Some computer support specialists become software engineers.

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