Computer Trainer

Computer trainers instruct new users on the latest software or hardware. They are usually expected to prepare new materials for instruction and may be asked to write and maintain a course manual. A position may also include design and development of a Web site for the course. Computer trainers typically teach new users how to use the latest software and hardware. Many computer training positions are offered to those with experience with the most popular business software.

Employers look for good communication skills and teaching experience. Though a teaching degree may not be required, it may be preferred. Experience with the latest software and/or hardware is essential but this Employers often seek detail-oriented individuals with IT experience.

Computer trainers can expect to earn an annual salary of $35,000 to $50,000. However, salary is dependent on experience and may vary drastically. This position may be very autonomous. Responsibilities typically include preparation of course materials, grading coursework, and continuing education in the field. Opportunities for advancement include management of other trainers and consulting work.

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