Data Entry

Data entry workers input customer information, lists, and other types of data. Input devices are typically limited to keyboards, mice, and scanners. Because the accuracy of recorded data is so important, data entry workers are often required to verify the accuracy of data they and others have entered. Many of the tasks previously performed by data entry personnel have been automated, and the overall demand for this occupation is expected to decrease slightly. However, the demand for data entry professionals with up-to-date technical skills is expected to remain constant for the near future.

Data entry workers are expected to have a high school diploma and word processing skills. Prior experience in data entry or word processing is preferred. In order to remain marketable data entry workers must constantly update their skills and remain familiar with the latest software and hardware.

Data entry workers can expect to earn an annual salary of $20,000 to $30,000. Opportunities for advancement typically include supervisory positions, administrative positions, or transfer to other clerical positions.

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