Chapter 2 Matching

Match the definitions with the terms in the box to the right by entering the letter for each term next to its correct definition below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new matching activity.

a. carder
b. discussion group
c. domain code
d. person-to-person auction site
e. plug-in
f. protocol
g. search engine
h. UseNet
i. Web
j. Web server

1.Criminal who steals credit cards over the Internet.
2.Using e-mail to communicate in groups with people you do not know, but with whom you would like to share ideas and interests.
3.Last part of an Internet address, which identifies the geographical description or organizational identification.
4.A type of Web auction site where the owner provides a forum for numerous buyers and sellers to gather.
5.Program that is automatically loaded and operates as part of a browser.
6.Rules for exchanging data between computers. The protocol http:// is the most common.
7.Specialized programs assisting in locating information on the Web and the Internet.
8.Special network of computers that supports newsgroups.
9.A service providing a multimedia interface to resources on the Internet. See also World Wide Web.
10.Dedicated server that houses internal and external web page information.

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