Chapter 8 Matching

Match the definitions with the terms in the box to the right by entering the letter for each term next to its correct definition below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new matching activity.

a. CD-R (CD-recordable)
b. cylinder
c. floppies
d. floppy-disk cartridge
e. multiread
f. multisession
g. online storage
h. read only
i. track
j. Zip disk

1.Stands for CD-recordable and this optical disk can be written to only once. After that it can be read many times without deterioration but cannot be written on or erased. Used to create custom music CD's and to archive data.
2.Hard disks store and organize files using tracks, sectors and cylinders. A cylinder runs through each track of a stack of platters. Cylinders differentiate files stored on the same track and sector of different platters.
3.Flat, circular piece of magnetically treated Mylar plastic that rotates within a jacket. A floppy disk is 3.5 inches and holds 1.44 MB of information. It is a portable or removable secondary storage device.
4.They all require special disk drives. They include Zip disks, SuperDisks, and HiFD disks, all competing to become the next higher capacity floppy disk standard.
5.Newer CD-ROM drives are multiread or able to read both CD-R and CD-RW drives.
6.Photo CDs are multi-session meaning that new images can be added to the CD at any time. See Single-session.
7.A special service site on the Web providing users with free or low cost storage, allowing access to information from any computer that is connected to the Internet.
8.A disk that cannot be written on or erased by the user.
9.Closed, concentric ring on a disk on which data is recorded. Each track is divided into sections called sectors.
10.High capacity floppy disk manufactured by Sony and requires a special disk drive to run this type of storage unit. They typically have 100 MB or 250 MB capacity, over 170 times as much as the standard floppy disk.

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