Chapter 9 Matching

Match the definitions with the terms in the box to the right by entering the letter for each term next to its correct definition below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new matching activity.

a. bits per second
b. broadcast radio
c. bus
d. computer network
e. medium band
f. node
g. packet
h. transceiver
i. transfer speed
j. Wi-FI (wireless fidelity)

1.(bps) Speed at which data is transferred.
2.Communication using transceivers to send and receive signals from wireless devices.
3.All communication travels along a common connecting cable called a bus or a backbone. As information passes along the bus, it is examined by each device on the system board to see if the information is intended for that device. See Bus line and Ethernet.
4.Communications system connecting two or more computers and their peripheral devices to exchange information and share resources.
5.Bandwidth of special leased lines, used mainly with minicomputers and mainframe computers.
6.Any device connected to a network. For example, a node is a computer, printer or data storage device and each device has its own address on the network. Also, within hierarchical databases, fields or records are structured in nodes.
7.Before a message is sent on the Internet, it is broken down into small parts called packets. Each packet is then sent separately over the Internet. At the receiving end, the packets are reassembled into the correct order. See reformatting.
8.Sending and receiving communication towers that send and receive radio signals from wireless devices.
9.Or transfer speed is the speed that modems transmit data typically measured in bits per second (bps).
10.Wireless standard also known as 802.11, used to connect computers to each other and to the Internet.

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