Chapter 11 Matching

Match the definitions with the terms in the box to the right by entering the letter for each term next to its correct definition below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new matching activity.

a. accounting
b. exception report
c. executive support system (ESS)
d. external data
e. human resources
f. information worker
g. knowledge worker
h. office automation system (OAS)
i. research
j. user

1.The organizational department that records all financial activity from billing customers to paying employees.
2.Report that calls attention to unusual events.
3.Sophisticated software that can draw together data from an organization's databases in meaningful patterns and highly summarized forms.
4.Data gathered from outside an organization. Examples are data provided by marketing research firms.
5.The organizational department that focuses on the hiring, training, and promoting of people, as well as any number of human center activities within the organization.
6.Employee who creates, distributes, and communicates information.
7.People involved in the creation of information, such as engineers and scientists.
8.System designed primarily to support data workers. It focuses on managing documents, communicating, and scheduling.
9.The organizational department that identifies, investigates, and develops new products and services.
10.Any individual who uses a computer. See End user.

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