Chapter 15 Matching

Match the definitions with the terms in the box to the right by entering the letter for each term next to its correct definition below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new matching activity.

a. computer trainer
b. cryptographer
c. cynic
d. desktop publisher
e. information systems manager
f. network administrator
g. proactive
h. systems analyst
i. technical writer
j. webmaster

1.Computer professional who provides classes to instruct users.
2.Designs, tests, and researches encryption procedures.
3.Individual who feels that the idea of using a microcomputer is overrated and too troublesome to learn.
4.Creates and formats publication-ready material
5.Oversees the work of programmers, computer specialists, systems analysts and other computer professionals.
6.Also known as network manager, creates and maintains networks.
7.Person who looks at technology in a positive, realistic way.
8.Plans and designs information systems.
9.Prepares instruction manuals, technical reports, and other scientific or technical documents.
10.Develops and maintains Web sites and Web resources.

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