Chapter 1 Multiple Choice

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1. The system unit
is a combination of hardware and software
is the container that houses electronic components
controls and manipulates data
coordinates input and output devices
2. RAM
is used to allow input and output devices a communication channel
is software controlled by hardware
is sometimes referred to as temporary storage
coordinates computer resources
3. Capability of the microcomputer to use information from the world beyond one's desk. Data and information can be sent over telephone or cable lines and through the air so that computers can talk to each other and share information.
midrange computer
digital video disc
4. These devices are used to save, backup and transport files from one location or computer to another.
basic application
tablet PC
secondary storage device
5. Computer system that communicates with other computer systems using modems. For example, it modifies computer output into a form that can be transmitted across standard telephone lines.
communication device
system cabinet
handheld computer
notebook computer
6. Insurance companies are likely to use this type of computer to manage data on policy holders
mainframe computers
midrange computers
handheld computers
7. Enclosed disk drive containing one or more metallic disks that use magnetic charges to record data. They have large storage capacity and fast retrieval times.
hard disk
palm computer
end user
8. System software
is an optional form of software
helps the computer manage internal resources
is part of a productivity suite
allows the user to diagnose and troubleshoot the device
9. The ideal way to think about a microcomputer is as
the most important part of an information system
the device that runs software and controls the mouse
a powerful productivity tool
one part of an information system
10. Collection of hardware, software, people, data, and procedures that work together to provide information essential to running an organization.
database file
palm computer
information system

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