Chapter 2 Multiple Choice

Select the best answer for each question below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new multiple choice activity.

1. Programs for creating Web sites for virtual stores.
Web storefront creation package
2. In discussion groups, members on this list can communicate by sending messages to a list address.
mailing list
spam blocker
3. The browser uses HTML
as a temporary applet
as a shortcut to communicate with Java Script
to display a Web page
as a protocol
4. Adobe Acrobat is an example of
a suite
a spider
a protocol
a plug-in
5. Transmission of electronic messages over the Internet. Also known as e-mail.
search service
file transfer protocol (FTP)
electronic mail
discussion group
6. Google is an example of
a search engine
a spider
a wiki
a metasearch engine
7. Microsoft's Messenger allows users to
create a blog
identify and eliminate spam
to bypass a browser to surf the Web
communicate via direct live communication
8. Special Internet software connecting you to remote computers, opens and transfers files, displays text and images, and provides an uncomplicated interface to the Internet and Web documents. Examples are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Web storefront creation package
mailing list
9. The content portion of e-mail correspondence.
signature line
10. PayPal offers a form of
spam protection
digital cash
online stock trading
spider detection

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