Chapter 3 Multiple Choice

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1. Electronic forms reflecting the contents of one record or table. Primarily used to enter new records or make changes to existing records.
numeric entry
special-purpose applications
Web-based application
2. List of options or commands associated with the selected menu. Also known as drop-down menu.
business suite
pull-down menu
user interface
3. "Background" software that enables the application software to interact with the computer. System software consists of the operating system, utilities, device drivers and language translators. It works with application software to handle the majority of technical details.
system software
4. A range is
a series of continuous cells
a logical function
a prewritten formula
a cell
5. "To create a new record in a database, you might use "
a form
a filter
a query
a report
6. A user interface
does not usually allow more than one window open at a time
is a specialized application suite
allows you to interact with a program
is primarily the mouse pointer
7. To animate how a presentation moves from one slide to the next you might use
a slide sorter
rehearsal session
a transistion
a content template
8. Microsoft Word is an example of
a graphics suite
a productivity suite
database software
a word processor
9. A widely used database structure, in which data is organized into related tables. Each table is made up of rows called records and columns called fields.
text entry
word processor
relational database
10. An editing tool that provides synonyms, antonyms, and related words for a selected word or phrase.
text entry
productivity applications

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