Chapter 4 Multiple Choice

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1. Technology that can link all sorts of media into one form of presentation, such as video, music, voice, graphics and text.
vector illustration
virtual environments
2. A field of computer science that attempts to develop computer systems that can mimic or simulate human thought processes and actions.
artificial intelligence (AI)
Web page editor
virtual reality wall
structured problem
3. Machines used to paint automobiles are
industrial robots
perception systems
expert systems
mobile robots
4. Vector images
use geometric shapes or objects to represent images
rely on multimedia software
require special drivers
use pixels to represent images
5. Word processing program for generating Web pages. Widely used examples include Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage.
audio editing software
artificial reality
Web authoring program
6. Graphics file made up of a collection of objects such as lines, rectangles, and ovals. Vector images are more flexible than bitmaps because they can be stretched and resized. Illustration programs create and manipulate vector graphics. Also known as vector image.
page layout program
vector illustration
Web log
7. A story board is used
during the design portion of multimedia development
before the development team is selected
after errors have been identified in the material
following the creation of the presentation
8. Program that allows you to mix text and graphics to create publications of professional quality.
desktop publishing program
perception systems
structured problem
9. Second Life is an example of
an expert system
low cost authoring software
a robot
an online AI
10. Bitmap images are also called
paint tools
pixilized images
raster images
photo editors

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