Chapter 5 Multiple Choice

Select the best answer for each question below. When you are finished, check your answers. You can refresh this page to try a new multiple choice activity.

1. When the operating system cannot store a file on a single track across contiguous sectors
the file will not save properly
a system error occurs
the file is fragmented and stored wherever space is available
damage to the hard drive may occur
2. Operating system also known as software platform consisting of a collection of programs to handle technical details depending on the type of operating system. For example, software designed to run on an Apple computer is compatible with Mac OS environment.
software environment
Add Printer Wizard
warm boot
3. Interactive software between applications and computers coordinating and directing activities between computers on a network. This operating system is located on one of the connected computer's hard disk, making that system the Network Server.
dialog box
network server
Windows Update
4. A mouse or printer probably makes use of
infrared technology
a utility suite
a device driver
network resources
5. For a monitor, a pointer is typically displayed as an arrow and controlled by a mouse. For a database, a pointer is a connection between parent node and child node in a hierarchical database.
network operating systems (NOS)
diagnostic utility
6. A feature in most application software providing options that typically include an index, a glossary, and a search feature to locate reference information about specific commands.
computer virus
warm boot
7. Every device that is connected to the computer has a special program associated with it called a device driver, which allows communication between the operating system and the device.
desktop operating system
non-proprietary operating system
8. The system software
is the same software as operating software
is a language translator
is a single program
controls where a word processing program is stored in memory
9. You are likely to find an embedded operating system
on a desktop operating system
on a network server
on a PDA
on a networked PC
10. To start your computer after it has been turned off you
use a warm boot
use a cold boot
may need to press a sequence of keys
should plug the system unit in first

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