Chapter 6 Multiple Choice

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1. The system chassis is also known as the
carrier package
system board
system unit
2. They operate much like USB buses on the system board but at higher speeds.
personal digital assistant (PDA)
universal serial bus (USB) port
FireWire bus
nonvolatile storage
3. This chip is used in passports
smart card chip
flash memory
4. Volatile, temporary storage that holds the program and data the CPU is presently processing. It is called temporary storage because its contents will be lost if electrical power to the computer is disrupted or the computer is turned off.
expansion slot
random-access memory (RAM)
virtual memory
system unit
5. This chip can provide to or more separate and independent CPUs
parallel processor chip
parallel core
6. Bus-line standard developed for the IBM Personal Computer. It first consisted of an 8-bit-wide data path, then a 16-bit-wide data path. See Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI).
video recorder card
main board
desktop system unit
industry standard architecture (ISA)
7. This unit performs arithmetic and logial operations
control unit
system board
8. Optional device that plugs into a slot inside the system unit to expand the computers' abilities. Ports on the system board allow cables to be connected from the expansion board to devices outside the system unit.
video recorder card
controller card
accelerated graphics port (AGP)
9. "To connect to the Internet, a modem is installed "
in a slot
on a bus line
with a socket
over the phone line
10. Part of the computer that holds data and program instructions for processing the data. The CPU consists of the control unit and the arithmetic-logic unit. In a microcomputer, the CPU is on a single electronic component called a microprocessor chip.
parallel port
random-access memory (RAM)
closed architecture

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