Chapter 7 Multiple Choice

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1. Special-purpose handheld device used to read OCR characters.
wand reader
Internet telephony
scanning device
musical instrument digital interface (MIDI)
2. A device, such as a digital camera or a digital video camera, that creates or captures original images.
network computer
refresh rate
wireless mouse
image capturing device
3. This mouse emits and senses light to detect mouse movement
pointing stick
4. Converts sound into a form that can be processed by the computer. A microphone is an example of an audio input device.
color capability
audio input device
mechanical mouse
5. Function keys
are keyboard shortcuts for specific tasks
control the insertion point on the screen
enter numbers and arithmetic symbols
cancel selections or procedures
6. Almost all supermarkets use a bar code system
called UPC
that relies on OMR
based on the MICR system
similar to RFID
7. The most important feature of a monitor is its
refresh rate
dot pitch
8. This is the most common input device used in video gaming
touch screen
9. Communication that uses the Internet rather than traditional communication lines to connect two or more people via telephone.
IP Telephony
wireless mouse
color capability
10. Provides access to the Internet and displays Web pages on a standard television set. Also called Web terminal.
Web appliance
multifunction device (MFD)
cathode ray tube monitor (CRT)
mechanical mouse

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