Chapter 12 Multiple Choice

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1. These databases are typically stored on a user's hard disk drive or a LAN file server
group database
distributed database
microcomputer database
commercial database
2. Each column of information within a record is called a field. A field contains related information on a specific item like employee names within a company department.
application generation subsystem
data integrity
3. The airline reservations system is an example of
network database
a hierarchical database
real-time database
relational database
4. A collection of related records that can store data and programs. Such as, the payroll file would include payroll information (records) for all of the employees (entities).
one-to-many relationship
information utility
multidimensional database
5. A table in a relational database in which data elements are stored in rows and columns.
data redundancy
online processing
physical view
6. Tables, rows, and, columns are indicative of this type of DBMS
7. LexisNexis is an example of this type of database
8. In a hierarchical database, each entry has one parent node, and a parent may have several child nodes.
one-to-many relationship
database administrator (DBA)
company database
parent node
9. Banks use this type of processing to record ATM purchases
online processing
one-time processing
batch processing
procedural processing
10. Database that can be made accessible through a variety of communications networks, which allows portions of the database to be located in different places.
common operational database
data model
distributed database

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